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Features of Our App

Revolutionizing Community Connectivity
The Community Hub: Circles of Connection

Etown empowers users to create and manage their own circles, encompassing neighborhoods, family, or friends, thus enhancing community engagement and collaboration. 

Intelligent Interactions with Chaatie: The AI Companion

Etown’s AI chatbot, Chaatie, offers users seamless communication, fortified data security, and business scalability. Chaatie ensures personalized assistance, self-service capabilities, and 24/7 availability, elevating the user experience. 

Dynamic Live Store Feature: A Market Place Alive

Etown introduces a live store functionality, allowing businesses to present their offerings in real time. This innovative feature enables customers to immerse themselves in a live interactive showcase, enriching the shopping experience. 

Simplified QR Code Networking: QR Code Connectivity 

Within Etown, users and businesses can effortlessly create and utilize QR codes. This system facilitates a modern, contactless method for expanding user networks and circles. 

Inclusive Multilingual Support: Speak Your Language  

Etown is accessible in multiple languages, catering to a diverse demographic. This inclusivity ensures that the platform is user-friendly for non-English speakers, fostering wider adoption. 

Direct Video Communication: Deepen your conversation

The app incorporates video calling with service providers, enhancing direct and personal engagement. This functionality allows for detailed consultations and product demonstrations, adding value to customer interactions. 

Comprehensive 24/7 Support: Support Around the clock 

Etown delivers consistent, round-the-clock customer support to swiftly address user inquiries and concerns, emphasizing the company’s dedication to service excellence. 

Personalized Live Agent Assistance: In-Person Support

Etown provides businesses with dedicated live agents, offering real-time support to enhance customer service and satisfaction. 

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Invite Providers, Friends/Relatives to Their Circle:

Form Circles for Community Building

Effortlessly create groups for neighborhoods, friends, or relatives, enhancing community interaction and fostering community building. 

QR Invites

Expand circles effortlessly with contactless QR code invitations. 

Our AI chat-bot: Chaatie

Efficient & Secure

Chaatie enhances interactions while ensuring data security and business scalability.

Always-On Assistance

Offers instant, intelligent responses for a smooth user experience. 

Smart Matchmaking

Users communicate their interests to Chaatie, efficiently connecting them with suitable businesses or services 

Global Language Support

Inclusivity through multilingual capabilities, reaching a diverse audience.

Live Store with video call support

Live Showcasing

Instantly connect businesses and customers through real-time showcases. 

Interactive Video Demos

Dive into products with live interactions and demos. 

Customer Support 24×7 and a dedicated live agent

24/7 Availability

eTown ensures constant support for all user inquiries and concerns.

Dedicated Live Agents

Real-time assistance for businesses to enhance customer service and address queries effectively.