In Brief

Our Story : Revolutionizing Local Commerce

Connecting Communities, Empowering Businesses

In an era where digital landscapes are ever-expanding, Etown emerged as a visionary force. We didn’t just build an app; we crafted a bridge connecting local businesses with their communities. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to create a seamless, unbiased ecosystem where businesses and consumers interact effortlessly. 

For Providers

We offer a new horizon in business engagement with seamless connectivity, a flexible subscription model, and a system that values your service quality over financial might. 

For Members

Experience a marketplace at your fingertips, where unbiased access and personalized experiences lead to empowered choices, nurturing a vibrant community fabric. 

etown’s Evolutionary Journey from 2012

Embracing Innovation

1. Our Foundational Roots

etown sprang from humble beginnings as an online portal with a visionary goal: to weave together the fabric of local businesses and consumers across the vibrant landscapes of South India. Our pioneering platform was embraced by over 2 lakh customers within the span of two years, laying down a solid foundation for understanding the intricacies and dynamics of local commerce.

2. Growth Through Insight 

Our initial foray into the digital marketplace yielded invaluable insights. We witnessed firsthand the hurdles faced by local businesses in gaining visibility and the consumers’ yearning for direct engagement with these providers. These experiences became the catalyst for a greater transformation, shaping our approach to meeting the evolving needs of our community. 

3. Pioneering the Mobile-First Movement

With clarity of purpose and armed with the knowledge from our foundational experience, we took a decisive leap forward. Etown has been reimagined and reborn as a trailblazing mobile application, marking not just a change in the platform, but a quantum leap in our commitment to revolutionizing local commerce. 

4. Advancing the Local Commerce Revolution 

Today, etown stands at the vanguard of the mobile-first approach, bridging the gap between local businesses and consumers with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Our app is more than a marketplace; it’s a digital nexus that empowers local economies, fosters community spirit, and champions the growth of every user it connects. 

Join us on this revolutionary journey as we continue to shape the future of local commerce, one community at a time. 

Today’s Etown

A Model of Inclusive and Connected Commerce

Seamlessly Connected 

Stay seamlessly connected with etown’s mobile app, connecting providers to a vast local customer base instantly. Our advanced technology ensures no missed connections, fostering thriving local commerce.

Empowering Every Business

At etown, we are committed to inclusivity, offering a free tier in our subscription model to kickstart businesses of all sizes. Our flexible approach allows businesses to scale at their own pace, ensuring no one is left behind.

Fairness and Freedom

In etown’s marketplace, providers experience unbiased access and unprecedented freedom. We prioritize fairness and transparency, valuing quality and reputation above financial power.

Community-Centric Connection

At etown, community is key. Our app enhances interactions, fostering belonging and strengthening bonds between members and providers. We’re not just a marketplace; we’re the fabric of local communities.

Shaped by Experience 

Our journey is a testament to learning and growth, shaping a user-centric platform driven by community insights.

Strategic Intent

We Are Best Digital Agency Since 2008


“Our vision is to create a globally connected community where local businesses and consumers thrive together, transforming local economies into more accessible, equitable, and sustainable marketplaces for all.” 


“Our mission is to streamline the connection between consumers and local businesses, nurturing community growth and sustainable local economies through a user-friendly digital platform.” 


“Etown’s purpose is to foster thriving local economies by seamlessly connecting businesses and consumers, enhancing community vitality and economic sustainability.” 

Our Team

Get to know the passionate individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring our vision to life.
Janarthanan Senthurpandi

Janarthanan Senthurpandi

President and CEO

Management and Engineering graduate with 24+ years of experience delivering innovative IT solutions customized for small to medium-sized markets. Proven track record of designing and implementing effective technology solutions that drive operational efficiency and business growth in diverse industries.

Pyan Chella Vadivoo P

Pyan Chella Vadivoo P


Vice President of Operations with a remarkable track record in the computer software industry. Holds an LLM in International Law from The University of Huddersfield, well-equipped in tackling complex operational challenges and provide valuable strategic insights.

Vijay KS

Vijay KS

Director of Data Science

17+ years of rich experience in management theory and practice, spanning both the industrial and academic sectors. Excelled as a learning facilitator, consultant, trainer, and researcher. The Specialization lies in Business Statistics, Data and Functional Analytics, and Educational Technology.

Balaji Regunath

Balaji Regunath

Director of Technology

22+ years of experience in Project Management, Release Management and Cloud with a demonstrated history of working in the IT & Services industry. Strong program and project management professional skilled in Requirements Analysis, PHP, CRM, (SDLC), DevOps, CICD and Management.